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Puerto Rico Aid: Update from Amanda Bruce

Back in September Amanda Bruce coordinated a community effort to gather much needed supplies to send to the residents of Puerto Rico who were severely impacted by Hurricane Maria. The campaign was very successful due to the generous donations of so many friends and colleagues.

We recently asked Amanda to share what the experience was like for her…

Amanda: I started the PR drive not fully knowing how complicated drives could be. Growing up, my mother was always helping out drives at the Unitarian Church we attended. From her example, I was taught, when there’s a need, you help. And even if it causes me a bit of stress, it’s less than the stress of going without power and clean drinking water for days on end.

I was thrilled to see families in my community step up – some were friends of mine, and some were people I didn’t know. A friend of mine had a mini-drive at his work to supply mine. I publicized it by posting on town parents’ pages, and by creating an event on Facebook. I posted a few videos to update people on where their goods were going, and what had been collected. The power of social media! I also invited my colleagues at work to participate, and they did.

It was not without difficulties! I soon found out very few places were accepting material items for PR. I figured someone in NYC might be donating, and I was right! The FDNY/police department was collecting life-saving supplies at different precincts throughout the city. My husband had a work trip a week ago, so I decided to go down with him and drop the items off.

I will say this: It is tiring to help others, especially when it’s out of your normal comfort zone! But it’s pretty rewarding. It’s inspiring to see others step up in your community, and it doesn’t hurt your own self-esteem to do something for someone else.

Thank you Amanda for your incredible generosity and commitment to others. And thank you for sharing your experience with us.